120V / 3KW – 900W WIND TURBINE AND SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER charge controller  is specially designed to integrate 2 in 1 wind and solar energy. It can simultaneously control  wind turbines and solar batteries at the  same time, converting wind and solar energy into electricity for using DC loads, with excess energy stored in the battery. .


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Specifications Wind turbine and solar battery charge controller 120V / 3KW-900W 

Model WWS30-120
Battery voltage 120V
Input power of rated wind turbines 3kW
Input capacity of wind turbines up 4.5kW
Current Wind Turbine 25A
Solar battery comes in 900W
Floating charging voltage 120V
Display mode LCD
Ambient temperature and humidity -20 ~ + 55 ° C / 35 ~ 85% RH (No condensation)
K mode Connecting RS232, RS485, RJ45 (optional)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 523 × 423 × 170mm
Mass 16 kg


Applications Wind turbine charging controller and solar battery 120V / 3KW-900W 

* Independent wind / solar energy system.

* Mobile communication stations, highways, and other non-residential areas.

* Coastal islands, remote mountainous areas, borders for areas lacking or without electricity.

* Landscape lighting projects, street lighting projects, etc.



To order the product  of 120V / 3KW-900W wind turbine and solar charge controller  and have a good price, please contact the hotline: 0937 136 137 or order directly on the company website

Customers wishing  bridge  l àm agents, distributors  of the product  , please contact  the hotline:  0968 57 58 57  or nearest dealer for assistance, free advice.

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