FL89 solar powered LED floodlight 60W ~ 150W

FL89 solar power LED is a high power headlight that uses 100% of the energy from the sun to operate completely. The charging time for sunlight of the lamp is only 6 – 8 hours but allows the light to be continuously illuminated for 10 – 12 hours. With a simple design but extremely full of necessary features, FL89 solar headlights promise to be a great choice for you.


FL89 – 60W VND 1,500,000
FL89 – 120W 2,100,000 VND
FL89 – 150W 2,900,000 VND


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Danh mục:
Model FL89-60W  FL89-120W  FL89-150W
Size 270 * 55 * 210 mm 300 * 65 * 240 mm 300 * 65 * 240 mm
Wattage 60W 120W 150W
Light flux 80LM / W 80LM / W 80LM / W
Charging time 6-8 hours
Lighting time 10-12 hours
Solar panel Poly 15V15W Poly 9V20W Poly 9V40W
The battery LiFePO4 3.7V 16AH LiFePO4 6.4V 10AH LiFePO4 6.4V 20AH
LED chip SMD5730 120pcs SMD5730 240pcs SMD5730 300pcs
Color rendering index > 60
Projection angle 60 ° – 120 °
Longevity 50000h
Color temperature 3000K-6000K
Operating temperature -20 ~ + 50 ° C
Material Aluminum
IP code IP65
Guarantee 1 year
Certification  CE, ROHS, ..
Application Camping, garden lighting, outdoor, commercial, ….

The advantages of FL89 high-power solar headlights:

– FL-89 LED floodlight has very good quality, high power, emits strong and far light. The installation becomes much simpler and safer when this product does not require connection to the grid.

– The lamp uses a type of LED bulb capable of emitting light with high intensity, uniform and continuous light source, the light emitted is white light that does not contain polar rays that cause visual damage.

– The lamp possesses a high-class Poly type solar panel with a long service life and high power conversion efficiency, allowing the flashlight to charge enough to illuminate the night.

– Integrated optical sensor helps lights distinguish the ambient light. When it gets dark, the lights will automatically turn on and when it is light out, the lights will turn off, the automation is very convenient as well as helping to optimize energy savings.

– The product is manufactured in compliance with RoHS environmental protection standards and has good waterproof ability according to IP65 standard. You can be completely assured when the outside lights are set despite rain, wind and storm.

– This series of solar headlights has 3 models with 3 different capacities, depending on the demand, you can choose the appropriate capacity: 60W, 120W, 150W.

– Removable panels can adjust the orientation, giving you flexibility to optimize their sunlight absorption performance.

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