Solar gate lamp GL0721

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Made from high-quality materials such as glass, high-quality cast aluminum alloy combined with classic European design style with sophistication and eye-catching in every detail, this GL0721 solar gate light has a adaptable to a variety of different spaces.


Thanh toán ngay
Lamp power 3W
Solar Panel 6V 3W
The battery Lithium-Ion 3.7V 2.4AH
Charging time 6-8H
Used Time 12-15H
Brightness 100 lm / w
Material Aluminum + Glass
Size 210 * 230 * 550mm
Standard CE, ROHS, SAA, EMC, VLD, IP65
 installation Gate posts, wall pillars, balconies …

Design characteristics of solar lights mounted on the gate of GL0721

– Stand out with a compact design, classic style elegance, elegance, just decorate your front gate, just use the clean energy of the sun.

– The design is a harmonious combination of two color colors: black and copper, creative in placing the panels both as a roof and absorbing light.

– Lamp body made of high quality cast alloy, durable, rust and corrosion resistant.

– Subtle circular light cluster, designed as a microscope lamp cluster, is fitted with pretty small light chips, capable of high illumination.

– Lampshades made of high-class glass, meticulously manufactured, rigorous process to meet the international standard IP65, capable of waterproofing, peting, durable with time despite harsh weather. .

– The bottom of the lamp post is shaped like a bell, which is connected to the head with a fixed and firm screw, and a 2-hole screw design makes it easy for users to install.

– The lamp has a capacity of 3W, uses 3.7V 2.4AH Lithium-Ion battery to store energy from solar panels.

– The charging time of the lamp is low, only charging from 6H but the ability to use up to 15 hours. Lights are controlled by an on / off switch.

– Solar light gate lights GL0721  has passed testing and achieved certifications such as CE, ROHS, SAA, EMC, VLD, … withstand weather such as rain, wind, storms …, with age Long life, good durability.

Principle of operation:

The light is equipped with an intelligent light source discrimination system.

  • In the morning, the light will automatically stop emitting, but it absorbs the energy from the sun, converts it into electricity and stores it inside the battery.
  • When it is cloudy, rainy, or darkening, the light emits electricity from the battery.

Lamp application:

– Lights can be placed anywhere as the entrance, aisle, balcony, front gate … with the role of illumination, as well as decorating a luxurious space, harmony style for your campus.

– Lights do not need complicated wires, besides using light from the sun, it saves energy and protects the beautiful green environment.

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